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travel passThe HKSAR Travel Pass enables the holder to use Hong Kong resident counters when passing through Immigration. This means that once you’ve landed it takes a lot less time to clear Immigration.

The HKSAR Travel Pass is open to frequent visitors and those who are eligible to come to Hong Kong, without a visa or entry permit for the purpose of visiting. Applicants should make a minimum of 3 separate trips to Hong Kong within the 12-month period immediately preceding the application. Trips to the Mainland or Macau don’t apply.

Once the application is approved, the HKSAR Travel Pass is valid for three years and good for multiple entries to HKSAR, for a stay of two months for each trip. Processing time takes approximately 4 weeks from the date of submission.

Our procedure includes:

  • Consulting on documents required for Travel Pass application;
  • Preparing a specially tailored document checklist for you and your Hong Kong sponsor;
  • Completing all necessary Hong Kong Immigration forms for you;
  • Reviewing and organizing your documents in favor of immigration policy;
  • Submitting your application to the Immigration Department;
  • Replying on your behalf to all enquiries and correspondence from Immigration;
  • Preparing and drafting all letters required for submission to Immigration;
  • Monitoring the application process;
  • Keeping you updated on the status of your application;
  • Get the Travel Pass booklet and have it delivered to you.

Application procedure:

  • Free consultation for your Hong Kong Travel Pass application;
  • Advise you on your alternatives and the likelihood of success;
  • Obtain your signature on the letter of engagement;
  • Prepare a specially tailored document checklist for your application;
  • Complete immigration forms, drafts and letters;
  • Revise completed documents to ensure they are correctly presented;
  • Submission of your Travel Pass application;
  • Ongoing liaison with Immigration Department of your Travel Pass application;
  • Taking approval of your Travel Pass application;
  • Delivery of your Hong Kong Travel Pass booklet.

Documents required:

  • An application form ID(E) 888 with your signatures;
  • Copy of your passport (your personal particulars page);
  • Supporting letter from you major Hong Kong business contact;
  • Supporting letter from your current employer.

Processing time:

  •  6-8 weeks after submission of all the documents.


  • Your Hong Kong Travel Pass would be valid for two years;
  • You should have to visit Hong Kong at least 3 times in last 12 months period immediately preceding the application.


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