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servicesHong Kong Visas

We can help you in preparing immigration presentation to the Hong Kong immigration department. Our document preparation service is not a simply form filling service but, instead, we offer you help in preparation of the whole case, from filling out the forms to prepare answers for the court. We are the experts in Dependant visas, Investment visas, Employment visas, Student Visas, and Domestic helper visas.

We can also assist you for Extension of stay. Our success rate is 100% as of the text of this page. One of the main reasons for this high success rate is that we only submit the cases once these cases are fully organized and are in order.

Hong Kong Passport and Chinese Nationality

Foreign national who are holding Hong Kong permanent identity card can apply for Naturalisation as a Chinese national regardless of race, color, or creed. After going through successful naturalisation process they will be eligible for the Hong Kong Special Administrative passport. “Shafin” can provide free advice and consultancy in this process.

Tourist Visas and Extension of Stay

We can assist you in obtaining visitor visas for Hong Kong no matter which country you are residing in. Normally it takes 6 to 8 weeks to obtain a visitor visa.

For those visitors who have legitimate reasons for further staying in Hong Kong, we can help them extend their limit of stay in Hong Kong for such legitimate purpose.

Travel Pass

For those who wish to travel more frequently to Hong Kong and are from those countries which have visa free access to Hong Kong, we can assist them to obtain Travel pass, which is issued by the Hong Kong Immigration department and is valid for three years. The holders of the travel passes can use the resident counters at immigration control points and can pass the immigration unhindered.

Cases with no Sponsors

Individuals who lost their sponsorship due to the death of the sponsor or due to divorce or another reason. We can still help these applicants to extend their stay even though their sponsors are no longer available, if qualified.

Identity Cards

We can assist you with the replacement of your Hong Kong identity cards if these are lost, stolen or damaged.

Name Change

We can assist you in changing your name. It will normally take 3 to 7 days to have your replacement name ready with your identity card.

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