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Here are a few of the testimonials we received from our clients…


Shafin International Co. I feel is my personal consultancy company. Mr. Butt is like a Bhagwan “god” for me, What he has done for me I can never forgets. He is very nice honest person. His shadow can leave him but I will never forget him or leave him. – Mr. Rabin LAMICHHANE, Nepal National

I lost my husband and my son. Hong Kong immigration gave me hard time and told me to leave Hong Kong as I lost my sponsor husband. One of my friends took me to “Shafin”. I met Mr. Butt and he was so kind, I expressed my concern to him. He listened everything carefully and took action for me. At last, I was able to secure my residency in Hong Kong and I don’t need to go back to Indonesia. – Ms. Supar Tining Sih, Indonesian

I was working as a nanny in Hong Kong. My employer suddenly sacked me and which left no choice for me but to go back to Nepal. My boy friend who was Hong Kong permanent resident of Hong Kong decided to marry me. But immigration department refused to extend my limit of stay for marriage. I asked assistance from “Shafin”. It was very critical time I was really scare for going back to Nepal and I was having only two days for my further stay in Hong Kong. “Shafin” helped me too much and immigration department changed their decision and granted me extension of stay. I was allowed to marry and then “Shafin” helped me to obtain residency permission for Hong Kong. Now I am enjoying my life with my hubby in Hong Kong but I will never forget the help and assistance of “Shafin” in my rest of life. – Jashu LIMBU, Nepal national

I stay in Hong Kong for almost 6 years. Due to change in Hong Kong Immigration policies. British passport holders were no longer enjoying automatic residency in Hong Kong. As I lost my employment I was unable to secure my visa. I was sick and it was very hard for me to be back and forth to immigration department and answer their tricky questions. I obtained assistance from “Shafin” and they helped me duly and sincerely. Today I have Hong Kong permanent identity card and it all is with the struggles of “Shafin”. The most important think to mention about “Shafin” is that as I was out of money that time, therefore Mr. Butt helped me totally free of charge and I did not need to pay even a single dollar to them. I hope may God more success to Shafin International co. – Patrick FELTHAM, British Citizen

I obtained residency by the sponsorship of my wife. After few years my marriage failed. And my wife refused to sponsor me for staying in Hong Kong. I applied in Hong Kong immigration department, which was refused. I asked help from “Shafin” they helped me to raise my voice in the central government. My case took a long time. It took one and half year during which I was asked several hundred question which I answered them through the help of “Shafin” and I was able to secure my continue residency by stay at my own merit. Today I am very happy and lot of thanks to Shafin. – Suresh BARDEWA, Nepal National

I wish to hire a domestic helper for my residence but immigration department biased and discriminated my application against my race, and refused to allow me to have the maid being a reason that I do not need any full time domestic helper for my residence.

I asked assistance from “Shafin” to raise my voice they helped me duly and after several months of fighting immigration department changed their decision and allowed me to have a maid. Today I am glad and really thank full to Shafin International co. – Balwant SINGH, Indian National

Due to my small mistake Hong Kong Immigration department started to consider obtaining removal order against me. I was shocked and thought that how can I mange this? One of my American friend Paul introduces me Shafin International co. “Shafin” gave me advice to leave Hong Kong voluntarily, even I don’t want to leave but I agreed to listen the advice of Mr. Butt. “Shafin” promised me that they will assist me to get for me new employment visa for Hong Kong very soon. I left Hong Kong and before I left I handed my all documents to “Shafin.” Within two month I heard news from them that they have obtained visa for me. I was very glad and now I am enjoying my employment in Hong Kong. – Erdal Yerlikaya Huseyin, Turkish

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