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UK Aasylum Seekers Living in Fear

Far-right affiliated groups are planning five anti-migrant demonstrations in the UK, leading to asylum seekers living in fear.

A recent meeting in Dunstable to discuss concerns about asylum seekers saw locals airing complaints such as the asylum seekers were taking up dentist appointments, free courses teaching asylum seekers English, free TV licences and space on the pavement. Patriotic Alternative activists distributed leaflets bearing images of asylum seekers in a dinghy and the hotel where they have been moved, emblazoned with the slogan “You pay Migrants Stay”.

The Home Office has increased security in the hotels where the asylum seekers are living, while police have also been present at recent meetings. Locals accused asylum seekers of harassing young girls, but Andrew Selous MP stated the asylum seekers hadn’t yet arrived in the area at the time of the claims. The Home Office has imposed a curfew on one hotel for the safety of the asylum seekers, but concerns about their safety are rising as the anti-migrant rhetoric ramps up.

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