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Our Services

We are the experts and consultant in Hong Kong Work visa, Hong Kong Business visa, Student Visa, Tourist visa, Dependent visas, Investment Visa, and Domestic helper visas. We also assist for Hong Kong Passport and Chinese Nationality, Travel Passes and Identity Cards.

“Shafin” was established in 1998 when a lot of expatriates in Hong Kong demanded to have a place where they can discuss their administration problems in more friendly way which is also reasonable on their pocket.

One of the key differences between law firms, other consultancy services and “Shafin” is that, “Shafin” does not charge the clients for the preliminary consultancy. All members of the public are welcome with their issues and “Shafin” can help them decide what sort of remedy is necessary for that particular issue. In some cases “Shafin” has not charged at all to resolve the problem of a client.

Shafin International is your portal where you can get smooth results for the services you are looking for. Be it related to Immigration or getting a work permit, a visa case gone bad or as simple as any personal consulting services needed, Shafin International is there for you.

We, at Shafin International, are different. We handle your case promptly and with care. We understand the importance of each and every case to our clients.

We measure our success from the satisfaction of our clients.

Shafin international understands the importance of becoming a part of the community and provide a service to its neighborhood. We are a proud member of the International Human Rights Channel, Hong Kong.

Our Visa Services

Hong Kong Work Visa

Work Visa is for those who are highly skilled individuals and would like to work for a company in Hong Kong. This visa is usually valid for 1 year and subject to extensions of stays. If applicant……

Hong Kong Investment Visa

An investment visa is a subcategory of the work visa, designed for those individuals who intend to stay in Hong Kong to actively participate in daily business operations.

Hong Kong Travel Pass and Transit Visa

The HKSAR Travel Pass enables the holder to use Hong Kong resident counters when passing through Immigration. This means that once you’ve landed it takes a lot less time to clear Immigration.

Working Holiday Visa

Participating countries include South Korea, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Germany and Ireland and applicants must be aged between 18 and 30. The normal processing time of a working …..

Hong Kong Foreign Domestic Helper Visa

A person holding a foreign domestic helper visa is only allowed to perform domestic duties from the following five broad categories: household chores; cooking; looking after aged persons in the…

Hong Kong Student Visa

Students, excluding those from the Mainland, Macau and Taiwan, may apply to study full-time at private schools registered under the Post Secondary Colleges Ordinance and Education Ordinance.

Hong Kong Training Visa

People entering Hong Kong as trainers offering training to local staff cannot be considered under this category. They should apply for a normal employment visa.

Hong Kong Visa for De Facto Spouse

Facto spouse cannot work or study without the prior permission of the Immigration Department and is not eligible to apply for a right of abode after the customary seven consecutive years…

Hong Kong Dependant Visa

Dependents do need to apply for individual dependent visas however Under the current Hong Kong immigration policy, dependents are free to work, study or set up their own business in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Financial Services

Hong Kong Company Incorporation

There are various benefits of incorporating company in Hong Kong by any individual, company, and corporations whoever has FC exposure in their businesses. Mostly all Importers and Exporters based out of Hong Kong.

Banking in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for liberal and professional Banking. Almost all major Banks of world are having their active presence in Hong Kong.
History of International Banking in Hong Kong goes to a century old tradition of …

International Trade Finance

There is a wide range of option in international trade financing available for the borrowers. Projects for financing international trade vary greatly. However, these programs offer facilities for availing the fund depending on the…

What our clients say….

Shafin International Co. I feel is my personal consultancy company. Mr. Butt is like a Bhagwan “god” for me, What he has done for me I can never forgets. He is very nice honest person. His shadow can leave him but I will never forget him or leave him.

Nepal National

Today I have Hong Kong permanent identity card and it all is with the struggles of “Shafin”. The most important think to mention about “Shafin” is that as I was out of money that time, therefore Mr. Butt helped me totally free of charge and I did not need to pay even a single dollar to them.

British Citizen

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